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Es plantear cuestiones sobre los aspectos básicos del funcionamiento y política actual de los diputados, representantes de la soberanía y voluntad de los ciudadanos


A través de las diversas preguntas se pretende crear un ambiente de entrevista abierta y afianzar unos conceptos básicos sobre las Instituciones de nuestra Comunidad Autónoma

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I´ve got a (Parliamentary) question for you…

A Parliamentary Question is a question posed in the chamber for any of the parliamentary representatives. It demands information about a certain public issue, usually related to the policy developed by the government or a parliamentary group. It usually has an informative character for the society as it is frequently related with current affairs.
Every time elections are held in our political system, TV and radio stations commonly broadcast programs, in different formats, with questions set by citizens to the representative politicians.
Now, it is the time to set your own questions about the system or even suggestions for our representatives. According to what has been worked and studied, make three different questions about the most relevant issues for you as part of the social participation. The most relevant will be answered by a representative when visiting the chamber.
Here you´ll find some useful information which might help you: